For the moment leaving religion out and strictly looking at the results from a worldly point of view, those that engage in illicit sex can live in a lifetime of Hell here on Earth. Ask the HIV victim who has to take medication up to twelve times a day about the unbearable pain, nausea and emotional stress he or she must bear during each twenty-four hour day. Ask the little 13 or 14 year girl about her daily anguishes she must endure in taking care of a child conceived out of wedlock, ask the 20% of all the young people in this country (In their 20s and early 30s) who have venereal herpes about their sufferings three or four times a year with a disease that never goes away. There is no cure for venereal herpes. At the present rate of infections, can you imagine how many people will have this disease in ten years? Ask all the others who have the remaining venereal diseases what these diseases have done to them. Illicit sex is just not worth it. Forty five million people in this country now have venereal herpes. (San Francisco Chronicle July 9, 2001).

There are eternal consequences for our actions and how we live our lives!

Jesus Christ mentions no less than 15 times in the Bible that there is eternal sufferings, or damnation, or for a better word Hell. He is recognized as Supreme Truth who has never lied or misled anyone. Hell does exist.


  Everlasting pain and sufferings, both mental and physical, are so horrible that this anguish is beyond description. Jesus Christ clearly describes this place of torment in the bible and his descriptions are clear and precise. Hell is an everlasting now. There is no reprieve, there is no parole there is no time served, it goes on for all eternity. There are proofs upon proof of Hell's existence which will be dealt with in more depth in future lessons.

Our Lady of Fatima (Mary the Mother of God) in her visions to the three children showed them the depths of Hell and what they saw is in recorded church documents.  Our Lady was very specific and emphasized that there are more people in Hell because of SINS OF THE FLESH than for any other reasons.

Sins of the Flesh

Pornography and all its agents, movies, television, books, magazines, radio, newspapers and computers, are constantly poisoning our minds.  These are tools creating a lust and pride of life. And these are the tools that are destroying the very moral fiber of our nation's life. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorra in a rain of fire and brimstone, because its people had turned to total sex perversions which were total violations of the Sixth Commandment. He destroyed the world with the Great Flood for the same reason. The flood has been proven by scientific means. Empires and nations have been lost when their moral fiber collapsed.

PORNOGRAPHY--Christ is very specific (in the Bible) that thoughts are just as destructive as the actual acts.  These thoughts are a Violation of the Sixth Commandment and heaven can be denied for these types of immoral acts.



The actions pornography creates are fully described in your daily newspapers, entitled  Sex Crimes. Many serial killers have confessed that they got their start with pornography.


Drive all PORNOGRAPHY from your minds, keep it from your homes,

and avoid seeing it on TV, Web sites and in the movies.

Magazines and Books are just as dangerous. These are the tools that can create uncontrollable emotions, which can be the start of a very unhappy live. For now do everything you can to AVOID these temptations. This will give you an inner strength you didnít know you possessed. A first step in ridding the world of AIDS.



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