This is always listed as the first or foremost sin because it can lead to all others. It is excessive love of self. You become so absorbed in your own excellence that nothing else in the world matters except your self-gratification. The only thing that is important is you, regardless of who you hurt or even destroy. Your selfish, you wonít help those who are in need. Because you can never satisfy what you want eventually complete misery takes over. And this misery is total unhappiness, which will destroy you.

  Also known as Greed or Avarice. It is a total love of Worldly   goods and material things. These people usually are hardhearted for those in need. Will never lend or give a helping hand. They want every material thing they see. They constantly buy the toys and goods they donít need and many are always in financial stress. Because they canít have all the things they want they end up in total despair.
  Illicit sex. Which can totally consume you. The results we have already discussed in this lesson. This is the main reason for the moral decline throughout the world.

The second major reason for the worlds decline. It can lead to uncontrolled hatred, fighting, quarrelling and revenge. This emotion destroys those who are totally absorbed in these feelings, physically and emotionally.


Jealous of what others have. From this flows anger which leads to hatred, which,  leads to the destruction of others and most of all  yourself


Excessive eating and drinking for shear pleasure. It also includes the taking of narcotics. This is the easiest way of turning your body into a vehicle of pain and suffering. A few minutes of pleasure for hours of illness each day you over indulge.


This includes both body and spiritual laziness. You want the easy way out. Work is an ordeal. You hide behind activities. You are afraid to confront both easy and difficult task. You want things given to you without earning them. It also leads to hate, anger, envy and to the destruction of others. It will destroy both body and soul.


These are called the Capital Sins, and are the tools of all unhappiness. We have merely touched on them. We will go in-depth on each in future lessons and on what you must do to conquer all of them. Control these Seven Vices and you will have Interior Peace and Happiness beyond your imagination.


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