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The Devil's Score Card

October 2004

1.  In 1965 there were 58,632 Priests Now, 41,212 30% Decrease

Since most are 65 years or older, the % drop could reach 85% in 7 to 10 years leaving less than 12,000 priests.  And most of these are in aging categories.

2.  In 1965 there were 48,992 Seminarians Now, 4,719 90% Decrease
3.  In 1965 there were 12,271 Religious Brothers Now, 5,505 55% Decrease
4.  In 1965 there were 179,954 Religious Sisters Now, 71,468 61% Decrease
5.  In 1965 there were 1,566 Diocesan High Schools Now, 786 50% Decrease
6.  In 1965 there were 10,503 Catholic Grade Schools Now, 6,623 37% Decrease
7.  In 1965 there were 104,314 Teaching Sisters Now, 8,233 92% Decrease
8.  In 1965 there were 12,346 Teaching Priests Now, 1,897 85% Decrease
9.  In 1965 there were 65% of Catholics Attending Weekly Mass Now, 25% 62% Decrease

Most of the 25% are 50 years old or older.  The projected attendance will be less than 10% in ten years.  When our grey hairs are gone our churches will be empty.

10.  Those that call themselves Catholic:

77% believe it is not necessary to attend Sunday Mass

65% believe Divorce and Remarriage is acceptable

53% believe abortion is acceptable

74% believe artificial birth control is acceptable

66% believe the Eucharist is only symbolic and not the Body and Blood of Christ.

These are all mortal sins that can lead to eternal suffering for those who practice these beliefs.

11.  Among Catholic Elementary School Teachers:

90% dissent on birth control

74% dissent on abortion

73% dissent on Papal Infallibility

37% dissent on the Real Pressence of Christ in the Eucharist

2% don't believe in God

There are many other dissents on our Church Teachings among these teachers.  A prime example is you don't have to believe in the official Catechism.  It's subjective.  Let your conscience be your guide.  (How about the dogmatic sections)

This is who is teaching your children.  Now you know why most catholic elementary school students quit going to Mass after they leave our schools.

The figures are far worse at Catholic High Schools and most Universities are a disgrace in what they do and do not teach about our Faith.

11.  Religious Communities between 1965 and 2000
Jesuit Priests declined 40% Jesuit Seminarians declined 89%
Franciscan Priests declined 41% Franciscan Seminarians declined 97%
Benedictine Priests declined 40% Benedictine Seminarians declined 93%
Dominican Priests declined 40% Dominican Seminarians declined 89%
And so on for all communities.  Most of the remaining priests will be gone in a few short years because of their advances ages.  And no replacements because there are so few seminarians.  And only a small percentage of these seminarians graduate.

There are 19,431 parishes in the United States, over 3,000 of them have no priest to serve them.  The number of parishes without priests could easily triple to 9,000 in a few short years because of the rapidly decreasing number of priests and so few replacements.

1.  Official statistics are found in the Kenedy Directory.  This is the official directory used by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.  2,300 pages.  Cost $325.00.  1-800-473-7020.  The last directory was issued in 2004.  Periodically The Catholic News Service will report the latest up-to-date trends.  Mostly showing discouraging down trends.

Other sources of researched statistics on the decline of our church in this country are:

2.  "Index of Leading Catholic Indicators" by Kenneth C. Jones - Paperback - Jan 2003 - $22.00

3.  There have been several Gallup polls that will verify mass attendance.  Several similar studies conducted by the University of Notre Dame were conducted to study what Catholics believe.  Other sources for information in this report include Fordom University, The New York Times polls and The National Catholic Reporter.

Periodically provides statistical information on conditions in our church.

Miscellaneous Statistics:
  1. The average age of nuns in the United States is 68 years old.  Almost all will be gone in a few short years.

  2. 16% of the priests in the United States come from other countries.

  3. In 1958, 74% of Catholics attended Mass, now less than 25%.