This is Messina.  She is 4 months old within her mother's womb.

Could you hurt this baby?

Abortion is among the worst of sins, because it not only murders an innocent person, but it could deny that person an eternity in Heaven with God.  Our Catholic Faith teaches that only baptized souls will enter heaven.  Abortions rob these souls of this opportunity.  (They do enter a place of natural happiness, but are denied the vision of God.)

And for those who have an abortion, assist, or promote some one into having an abortion, it is an automatic excommunication.  If they do not truly repent, this could mean an eternity of suffering.  We, as Catholics, should defend our Faith and do everything possible to save souls.

Our Church efforts to stop abortions are very obvious --- They are trying to save souls.

The unborn child in the mother's womb is a living person.  The deliberate destruction of that person is murder.  Murder is a mortal sin and is the basis for the excommunication and the loss of Heaven for those who do not truly repent.

On abortion and non-baptized infants, the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas has been widely accepted and never rejected by the church.  The unborn babies enter a place of eternal natural happiness (Limbo), but are denied the Beatific Vision.

Although in recent years there have been efforts to eliminate the theory of Limbo, it has not been ruled out.  The International Theological Commission under Pope John Paul II, and approved by Pope Benedict XVI, published its opinions. (Dated 2007-05-03)  "The theory of Limbo is not ruled out and anyone who wants to defend it is free to do so".

Life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of conception.  Abortion and infanticide are abominable moral crimes.  When there is a question of health, even life threatening, to either the unborn baby or the mother, every effort must be made to save them both.  The church has always thought that a deliberate abortion, even for the life or health of the mother is wrong.  Their leanings are that the unborn baby has not had the opportunity to warrant his or her place in Heaven and the mother has had this opportunity.